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After finally finishing Breaking Bad last night I compiled my favorite shots from the series to celebrate its phenomenal cinematography. 

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Aang deals with cultural appropriation - (x)

People need to stop reblogging this without the rest of the comic :^)

Part 1: Aang has a negative reaction to people who mistakenly hurt his feelings but had good intentions.

Part 2: Aang calms down and acknowledges that those people’s intentions were good and instead of being upset offers to educate and inform those people and SHARES his culture.

Good message there.

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Don’t want nudes leaked? Don’t take nudes. Don’t want to be robbed? Stop owning things. Wanna avoid being killed? Buddy, quit living already!

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tbh, i would fucking love this. 

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This is the actual cover of an actual book in an actual library and it has changed my life forever


This is the actual cover of an actual book in an actual library and it has changed my life forever

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"And sometimes in class I might pause the intellectual-sounding flow to ask, ‘Yo! Why dese books neva be about my peoples?’ Yes, I have decided to treat all three of my languages as equals because I’m ‘articulate.’"

Jamila Lyiscott responds to the pseudo-compliment that she is “articulate” in her powerful spoken-word essay “Broken English” from a recent TEDSalon in New York City.

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Having a bunch of cats around is good. If you’re feeling bad, you just look at the cats, you’ll feel better, because they know that everything is, just as it is. There’s nothing to get excited about. They just know. They’re saviors. The more cats you have, the longer you live. If you have a hundred cats, you’ll live ten times longer than if you have ten. Someday this will be discovered, and people will have a thousand cats and live forever. It’s truly ridiculous.
Charles Bukowski, on cats 
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